The pandemic caused by Covid-19 is marking our lives and forcing us to stop and reflect on the way we have been living. 
As restrictions around the world start to be lifted, we are still on hold, trying to grasp what a new normality looks like. 
But before we can think about the future, we must ask ourselves — what is it that we take away from the time we spent in isolation? Will this dramatic experience change the way we face the future?
One of the things that we used the most during the pandemic was the video call. It allowed us to keep in touch with the family, join work meetings, hang out with friends and even follow all sorts of workouts from home. During the lockdown, I used the extra time I had and video calls to reconnect with friends I haven’t seen in a long time.
For this project, I asked these friends to take their portrait during our video call. Prior to the session, I asked them to post me an object that was significant for them during the lockdown. This object was part of the portrait and acted as a tangible connection between us — my friends were far away, but their objects were at my reach. The portraits, presented as postcards, are accompanied by a message in which they describe their experience during these times. Through this virtual encounters, I learnt about their fears and reactions, how they faced this crisis and whether they have any resolutions for the future.
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