"PLAGIO," a multidisciplinary exploration, delves into the dynamic landscape shaped by the interplay of human activity and objects carried by waterbodies. Against the backdrop of a sand tongue formed by the river's encounter with the ocean in Porto, the narrative unfolds, scrutinizing the tension between the natural and artificial, the spontaneous and constructed, the divine and human.
The artist's gaze becomes a lens through which the continuous dialogue between observation and creation takes place. Natural elements and traces left by human activity become wellsprings for a new imaginary. The series constructs a narrative that unveils the constituent elements of this plagio, intertwined with images of assemblages born from discoveries during field visits.
These elements are meticulously captured through photography, whether in the controlled environment of the studio or amidst the  territory. The artist employs the emulsion lift technique, a transformative process that turns printed photographs into ethereal skins. Utilizing water as a medium, the skins are delicately lifted from their original medium and transposed onto found objects or glass sheets.
Within this artistic process, a delicate balance emerges, encapsulating an imaginary state that underscores the fragility of the ecosystem under scrutiny. The juxtaposition of found objects and lifted photographic skins creates a visual harmony, where the tension between nature and human intervention is palpable. Each piece encapsulates a moment frozen in time, prompting reflection on the intricate relationship between human presence and the environment.
Through PLAGIO, the artist navigates the boundaries of creation and observation, presenting a narrative that transcends the dichotomies of the natural and artificial. The use of water as a transformative element echoes the ephemerality of ecosystems, emphasizing their susceptibility to human impact. In this exploration, the artist not only captures the physicality of the landscape but also engages in a profound meditation on the interconnectedness of nature and the human imprint—a fragile equilibrium encapsulated in each carefully crafted image.
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